About Jesse Cornett

Experienced Character Actor and Narrator


Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

*Chilling Tales: The Podcast

*Simply Scary Podcast

*Over 100 YouTube Videos

*Over 2 million views

The No Sleep Podcast

*Cast Member since Season 5

*Sound Engineer/Producer Since Season 9

*Hundreds of stories as narrator or character 

Versatility is Jesse


Jesse Cornett astounds with his ability to transform his voice to suit virtually any need. He has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to carry a multicast story all by himself, with much acclaim from the audience. Whether you need a specific accent from the British Isles, an American regional dialect , a Canadian, Japanese, Russian, or something seemingly more difficult, he can provide. He can also convincingly play multiple age groups, and even women when needed. 

And letʻs not overlook Jesseʻs acting ability. He can move audiences to tears as a grieving father, or have audiences on the edge of their seats as he rages, or laughing as he delivers a perfectly timed joke. And if you need a spokesman to market your widget, Jesse can do that too.

Not just a Voice, but an Audio Engineer


Jesse Cornett is an experienced sound designer. This inside knowledge insures you will always receive professional quality audio in the format that you request.

Whether you need a spokesman for your marketing project, a professional narration for your audio book or a character actor for your dramatic production or video game, Jesse Cornett has the perfect voice for your project. 

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